Who We Are

MOR Gaskets & Seals LLP was formed by technocrats with a passion for delivering Exceptional Engineered Sealing Products.

MOR Gaskets & Seals LLP is committed to exemplary on time delivery and in addition offers a wide array of innovative quality products that are designed to enhance operating performance and increase plant/equipment reliability.

Our integrated engineering & technical expertise, coupled with our highly automated manufacturing and supply model, skilled workmanship, advanced quality systems, ensures that we are fully capable of serving global customers for a complete line of Industrial Sealing Products in the most demanding applications and our customers will receive the best performing product every time.

Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of industrial processes by using innovative technology and know-how to deliver sealing products across the globe.

MOR Gaskets & Seals LLP operates under a well-organized Quality Management System with checkpoints throughout our entire chain to ensure accuracy and detail on every order.

We do not just offer products at competitive prices but also pride ourselves as a customer first approach. We do this by building partnerships, providing industry leading technical support, and using innovation to deliver long term sealing products.


Contribute to achieve Net Zero Emission by providing Future Oriented Engineered Products. 


Manufacuture & supply the best sealing products to control emissions, leak and to achieve a sustainable environment.

Customer centric approach. 

Preferred supplier for sealing products.

Teamwork based on the creativity and autonomy. 

Reduce downtime and Increase Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). 

Advocate Just-In-Time concept. 

Our Values

Integrity, Inclusiveness & Caring, Intent, Innovation, Excellence & Sustainability.


MOR Gaskets & Seals LLP always encourages and adopts best business processes and industrial practices. 

On the other hand, as a responsible company, MOR Gaskets & Seals LLP cares for society and takes initiative primarily in the areas of education, health, community development and environment.

Our Expertise

We share a common goal of reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes. We do this by using innovative technology and know-how to deliver sealing solutions and emission reduction programs across the globe. By choosing us, you can be sure you are choosing a company with the necessary experience and expertise to deliver solutions to even the most complex of problems.


We ensure to provide the highest standard of quality by our manufacturing program, latest machines, rigid quality control standards, best workmanship with highest standard quality materials. 

At MOR Gaskets & Seals we perceive Three levels of quality control as,

Operator level

Engineering level

Management level

Operators measure important characteristics of materials or the production process to determine if the process is still ‘under control’, which means that variation is no more than expected and allowed.

The second control loop relates to engineering activities: the responsible production engineer will analyse the ongoing production regularly and based on the outcome of this analysis initiate improvement activities. 



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